A person stands in front of a wall adorned with a collage of assorted photographs, facing away from the camera. They are surrounded by a creative workspace that includes photography equipment, an open book, a potted plant, and various personal items on a wooden table.
a person holding a tablet
A group of musicians wearing matching traditional patterned shirts is performing with various instruments in a room with eclectic decor, including a sign that reads "SKULL CROWN" and various sculptures on the walls.
A piece of toast with vibrant purple yam spread and crumbled toppings on a cooling rack with a jar of spread and plate in the background.
A person in a white floral dress walking on a large fallen tree trunk in a lush green park setting with trees and foliage in the background.

A pile of intricately shaped pieces of driftwood in shades of brown and black, with unique curves and textures.