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Mary Mitsuda’s intuitive and freewheeling approach thrives in the juxtaposition of opposites.
Michelle Pirret's sound: the unspoken language of a classically trained jazz performer.
The architect's signature : "Dickey roofs" combine wide, shallow-pitched eaves with a steep upper roof designed to suit | Hawaii's tropical climate.
Architect C.W. Dickey shaped Hawai‘i's statehood aesthetic from its royal and territorial roots.
Silver and neutrals stoke a sense of calm at the homey and refined Charlot House.
Since its founding in the 1960s, the Hawai‘i Potters’ Guild has become a rock in Honolulu’s arts community.
Hawai‘i's enigmatic artist Satoru Abe, creator of 5,000+ works, reflects on his impenetrable career.