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Inspired by themes of the natural world, Jerry Vasconcellos has carved out a lifelong career as a sculptor of scavenged native woods and stone.
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Ruthadell Anderson’s monumental public works infused spaces with a sense of place while nurturing a creative community.
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Pushing the boundaries of pottery, Toshiko Takaezu elevated functional craft into fine art.
The art of lau hala lives on in the hands of multigenerational weaving groups around the islands.
Mary Mitsuda’s intuitive and freewheeling approach thrives in the juxtaposition of opposites.
The architect's signature : "Dickey roofs" combine wide, shallow-pitched eaves with a steep upper roof designed to suit | Hawaii's tropical climate.
Architect C.W. Dickey shaped Hawai‘i's statehood aesthetic from its royal and territorial roots.
Chiaki Takahashi: sparking a sake revival and forging connections.
Michelle Pirret's sound: the unspoken language of a classically trained jazz performer.
In Waimea, artist John Koga begins a new chapter in his multifaceted career.
Silver and neutrals stoke a sense of calm at the homey and refined Charlot House.
Silver and neutrals stoke a sense of calm at the homey and refined Charlot House.
With his artwork, Kamran Samimi explores time, form, and metaphysical truths.
Explore Yvonne Cheng's open-air studio, renowned for powerful Polynesian women depictions.
Since its founding in the 1960s, the Hawai‘i Potters’ Guild has become a rock in Honolulu’s arts community.
Hawai‘i's enigmatic artist Satoru Abe, creator of 5,000+ works, reflects on his impenetrable career.
Elegance at Halekulani hotel: jewel-toned attire for the season.
Explore W.S. Merwin's Maui home and palm forest, a tribute to the Pulitzer-winning poet's legacy.
Hawaiian quilting: artful storytelling, nature's embrace, and mindful craftsmanship.
An ikebana sensei and an acclaimed sculptor debut a floral centerpiece in the lobby of Halekulani hotel.
Jazz pianist Tommy James hangs out at his favorite haven, Lewers Lounge.
Liljestrand House: Architect Ossipoff's masterpiece preserved for generations.
From its grand and resplendent capes to brilliant helmets, the Hawaiian art of featherwork endures.
Harry Tsuchidana, one of Hawaiʻi’s most celebrated artists, unveils a new exhibition at Halekulani hotel.