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The largest of its kind in the nation, UH Mānoa’s vast ethnomusicology collection is a testament to the human imagination.
Mary Mitsuda’s intuitive and freewheeling approach thrives in the juxtaposition of opposites.
The architect's signature : "Dickey roofs" combine wide, shallow-pitched eaves with a steep upper roof designed to suit | Hawaii's tropical climate.
Architect C.W. Dickey had only seen Hawai‘i as a kingdom and a territory, but he helped define how it would look as a state.
Behind master brewer Chiaki Takahashi’s desire to spark a sake revival in Hawaiʻi is another, more personal intention—to bring people together.
For classically trained performer and jazz singer Michelle Pirret, sound is a natural way to communicate what can’t be said with words.
Silver and neutrals stoke a sense of calm at the homey and refined Charlot House.
Step inside the open-air studio of artist Yvonne Cheng, renowned for her powerful depictions of Polynesian women.
Since its founding in the 1960s, the Hawai‘i Potters’ Guild has become a rock in Honolulu’s arts community.
Spearfisher Makani Christensen explains how fishing is a way of life in Hawaiian culture and society.
The impenetrable Hawai‘i artist Satoru Abe looks back on his lifelong career of creating more than 5,000 enigmatic works of art.
Shot on location at Halekulani hotel, elegance flows through jewel-toned and cream-colored attire for the season.
Wander inside the late W.S. Merwin’s home and palm forest on Maui, a living legacy that honors the Pulitzer Prize-winning poet’s lyrical canon and humanistic worldview.